Our Team

We are very proud of our creative, hard-working team that strives towards expanding the NYU entrepreneurial community. We are driven by our passion for entrepreneurship and the desire to open the door for NYU's makers, hackers and ideators into the world of entrepreneurship.  

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Tim is a huge fan of the quantified-self, life hacking, deep films and Elon Reeve Musk. He exhilarated about practicing and advancing entrepreneurship. 

Concentration in Tech Entrepreneurship - Gallatin



Partnerships Co-Chair

Neal is a 2L at NYU Law with a passion for startups, innovation, and technology. He has worked for a Bay Area educational technology startup, taught computer science and robotics to K-12 students across NYC, and assisted in the legal representation of early-stage technology and tech-enabled companies. There is nothing he enjoys more than synchronized figure skating.

Law and Business – NYU School of Law




Marketing Co-Chair 

Aleyna is a sophomore from Istanbul, concentrating mainly on Business and Psychology. She is an entrepreneurial spirit that makes her dive into opportunities. She is also a photographer and runs a blog. She is currently working in an music industry based community/app company.

Business and Psychology - Gallatin



Marketing Co-Chair

Anthony is currently a sophomore in CAS studying Computer Science. He is a technology & marketing enthusiast. He is currently teaching himself Machine Learning and hopes to someday incorporate it with marketing in order to create solutions in the marketing & advertising industry. He is also very creative and expresses his artistry in writing poems, short stories, and creating cool T-Shirts. His hobbies include basketball, anime, video games, and listening to music. Burgers are his favorite food.

Computer Science - CAS



Community Co-Chair 

David is an NYU Stern senior studying finance and data science. He has worked at several startups, as well as an accelerator and a VC fund, and enjoys working with entrepreneurs and disruptors.

Finance and Data Science - Stern



Community Co-Chair

Justin is passionate about creating and trying to make the world a better place. He has a wide-breadth of interests such as creative writing, video editing, and programming, and is constantly looking to connect and work with talented groups and individuals to make the world a better place.

B.S in Computer Science at Tandon

Minor in Creative Writing and Game Engineering 



IVC Co-Chair

Maya (Maida) Sijaric is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Economics and Molecular Biology. Upon graduation, she hopes to promote biotechnology innovation and sustainable business development in an increasingly interconnected global economy. 

Economics and Molecular Biology - Gallatin



Partnerships Co-Chair

Computer Science - Tandon



Finance Chair

Mike is a junior studying finance and management at NYU. After interning at and working with local startups, he founded SparkMark, a student-run startup consultancy. He's particularly wants to learn more about edtech, media, and fintech. His interests include playing table tennis, trying japanese restaurants in the city, and listening to eletronic music.

Finance , Economic and Mathematics - CAS



FYER Co-Chair

Sofiia is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Mathematics at NYU Tandon. Upon graduation from NYU she wants to continue her education in these fields and work on improving machine learning algorithms. Her biggest dream is to some day have a scholarship fund.

Computer Science - Tandon



IVC Co-Chair

Ann Huang is a freshman from China, pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in Finance, Computer Science and Behavioral Psychology. Her current interests include but not limited to blockchain & cryptocurrency, basketball, culinary, piano and traveling.

Finance, Computer Science and Psychology - Gallatin



FYER Co-Chair

NYU Tandon sophomore from Portugal studying Computer Science and Business. Passionate about Innovation and Technology. After interning at Farfetch's accelerator program, aims to continue in the ecosystem by starting her own startup.

Computer Science - Tandon