Our Team

We are very proud of our creative, hard-working team that strives towards expanding the NYU entrepreneurial community. We are driven by our passion for entrepreneurship and the desire to open the door for NYU's makers, hackers and ideators into the world of entrepreneurship.  

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Tim is a huge fan of the quantified-self, life hacking, deep films and Elon Reeve Musk. He exhilarated about practicing and advancing entrepreneurship. 

Concentration in Tech Entrepreneurship - Gallatin School of Individualized Study



Marketing Chair

Kate is an upbeat Georgian, who is excited about exploring new cities and cultures. She is pursuing her journey in the NYU entrepreneurial ecosystem as an intern at the Entrepreneurial Institute.

Economics - CAS


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Partnerships Chair 

Mithru has a background in creative technology and prototyping. He has built interactive experiences for global clients, and has given tech talks and workshops around the world.

Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) - NYU Tisch



Finance Chair

Rachel is a NYU Stern junior studying Business and Political Economy (BPE) with a passion for innovation and technology. She has participated startup competitions, bootcamps and on the business side and development side of both early stage and late stage start-ups.

Business and Political Economy - NYU Stern



Infrastructure Chair 

Viren is a professional website developer, he likes putting together things like sites and movies. There nothing he enjoys more than a good game of chess.  

Film and TV Production - Tisch and CAS 



Events Chair

Quinn is a senior at Tandon studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. She also works for Female Founders Fund, NYU's Future Labs, and is the founder of concert discovery platform Curtain Call!

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - NYU Tandon School of Engineering



Content Lead

Shadab is a Tandon alum who’s passionate about bridging Biotechnology and Deep Learning. He is currently working on his own startup, Accumulab, to help scientists consolidate their research and administrative duties into one convenient platform.  

Biomedical Engineering - NYU Tandon School of Engineering

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Product Chair

Stephen is a senior concentrating in Computer Science, Economics and Mathematics. He is an entrepreneur and an active member of the NYC startup ecosystem.

Computer Science, Economic and Mathematics - CAS