Alumni startups we helped take off cumulatively raised $15 million in follow on venture funding.

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Brooklyn BioScience

Low-cost and ecologically friendly enzyme for the remediation and detoxification of pesticides.

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A smartwatch app that coordinates, tracks, and records cardiac arrest procedures

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State Space Labs

eSports Science.

A suite of tools to help assess and train gamers using cutting edge science and technology.

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A platform for hospitals that integrates and displays vital patient information for nurses

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A platform that organizes and showcases the work of the AR/VR community



Meditation Practice. Amplified.

Smart meditation cushion that amplifies, tracks, and improves your practice. 

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Merciless Motors

A more powerful, efficient and lightweight electric motor to increase EV range

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A solar-powered and transparent pathway to nylon manufacturing

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Stopping Falls. Saving Lives. 

Wearable devices for fall prevention. 

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Fit A.I

Engineering Strength Performance.

Fit A.I aims to help coaches and athletes quantify and visualize strength training data to minimize training fatigue and optimize athletic performance. . 




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Desktop PCB Prototyping.

Brings the future of electronic circuit fabrication to your desktop with the introduction of Squink - a small circuit printer allows you to prototype in minutes instead of weeks, all at the click of a button.


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Mana Health

Powering Access, Interoperability and Innovation in Healthcare. 

Help healthcare data flow more easily across the healthcare system. 



Designed by Olympians to Help You Train Like One. 

High-quality compression gear with built-in resistance for a more productive workout. The gear pushes your body to work harder and achieve better results in less time. 

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Stop bleeding in seconds. 

Plant-based gel technology that ccelerates demostasis. Hemostatic solution that supports the natural clotting process. Easy application when rapid hemorrhage control is needed.