Working with the InnoVention Society as a sponsor provides companies with a unique opportunity to:

  • Connect with some of the nation’s most innovative, creative, and talented undergraduate and graduate students from around the country.

  • Promote your product and/or service to student leaders and skilled early- adopters.

  • Recognize your brand as an active participant in the technology community.

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FYER: First-Year Entrepreneurship Recruiting Program
First-year undergraduate and graduate students are introduced to the NYU startup ecosystem and tour companies, network, meetups, take part in workshops, etc.


SuperHacks: Hackathon

NYU’s first multi-track hackathon made for both engineering and business students. Students will build projects that incorporate AI, AR, blockchain, or voice interfaces and discover and tackle real industry challenges with the help of experts.


InnoVention Competition
A tech startup challenge where NYU student entrepreneurs from across the globe build a team, prototype products, and pitch commercially viable ventures to solve real- world problems. A unique mix of an accelerator and a competition, the challenge offers 12 student-led venture’s workshops, coaching, community, perks, legal services, and an opportunity to win up to $50,000.


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