NYU Startup Community

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Helping NYU’s brightest engineers become visionary entrepreneurs.

Founded in 2012, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association (EIA) was one of the first entrepreneurial clubs at NYU. Steven Kuyan, a graduate student at the time and current MD of the Future Labs and AI Nexus Lab , started the club inspired by the likes of i2e and Y Combinator. After launching summer programs and managing contests, the club picked up it’s biggest endeavor yet – a prototyping competition started in partnership with Time Warner called “Inno/Vention”

Since 2012, InnoVention, morphed into an intense accelerator-like competition, and has brought out “the inner entrepreneur” within NYU’s 60,000 students, faculty, and researchers. All student teams needed was an idea and the passion to pursue it, and within a semester, they would walk out with the tools and resources needed to launch a real startup. And launch they did!

Past winners such as Cresilon, Mana Health, EdenWorks, BotFactory, and Physiclo went on to make global impact as successful companies.

  • Cresilon created the first ever gel that can stop profuse laceration bleeding in seconds.

  • Mana Health powers the corporate and New York State health care database with a simple yet efficient portal for patients and practitioners.

  • EdenWorks, an urban farming startup, grows organic produce and distributes through Whole Foods.

  • BotFactory supports the maker movement and organizations like NASA with a 3D printer that allows rapid electronics prototyping.

  • Physiclo develops activewear with built-in resistance technology to enable more efficient athletic training.

These ventures jump started as mere projects at InnoVention and now raised a total $12 million in funding!

Today, we are InnoVention Society (IVS) but our goal has remained the same since our the beginning of EIA: to educate and empower our engineers, makers, and hackers with resources, incentives, and a supportive community.

The best way to get your start is to come to one of our events, where we gather like-minded and driven students. You’ll be surprised as how quickly you’ll soon start seeing your company and product come to life.
We can’t wait to see what you’ll build!