Here are the teams for the Invention Competition 2019!

Flare agent.jpg


FlareAgent reduces housing costs and transaction times by increasing visibility for home buyers and sellers, through collaboration and communication for parties involved in a transaction.

Abhiroop CVK, Co-Founder (Tandon ’19) Rashid Aziz, Co-Founder (Tandon ’19)

Categories: Web App, Real Estate



GigFinesse is an online platform that streamlines talent booking for artists and venues.

Mir Hwang, Co-Founder (CAS ’19) Jong Wook Kim, Co-Founder (MIT ’18)

Categories: Web App, Music



We are Heat.wav, an immersive, location-based music app that generates dynamic track feeds based on artists around your area.

Yihan Zhao, Co-Founder ( Tandon '19) Stanley Zeng, Front-end Developer (Tandon '20) Ray Sy,Back-end developer (Rutgers '21) Miguel Lorenzo, Founder (CAS '19)



Iris is building an AI solution for public surveillance cameras in order to actively monitor urban areas for crime.

David Slakter, Co-Founder (Tandon ’21) Micheal Bingham, Co-Founder (CAS ’22) An (Eric) Liu, Co-Founder (University Of Virginia ’21)

Categories: Web App, Artificial Intelligence, Security



PepperPet is building a digital pet companion that provides pet-caretaking simulation and entertainment for children who can't own pets due to health or financial reasons.

Tengku Hana Shafikah, Founder (Tandon ’22) Neha Vasudevan, Head of Sales and Marketing (Tandon ’22) Huanhui (Belinda) Che, Hardware Engineer (Tandon ’22) Lambert Wu, Software Engineer (Tandon ’22)

Categories: Hardware, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Toys



SeniorLink is creating a platform that empowers seniors to create personal and fun activities while connecting with students.

Stephanie Santo, Co-Founder (Steinhardt ’20) Manish Devjani, Co-Founder (Tandon ’20) Moonrose Cheng, Co-Founder (Stern ’19) Emily Huang, Co-Founder (School of Professional Studies ’19) Luke Yeh, Co-Founder (Tandon ’20)

Categories: Web App, Mobile App, Senior


Smart Bandage

Smart Bandage is building a bandage that provides feedback for patients and clinicians.

Ita Weiss, Co-Founder (Tandon ’20) Jacob Harris, Co-Founder (Tandon ’19) Chongda Zang, Co-Founder (Tandon ’20)

Categories: Biotech



SyncHealth is a Google Assistant for primary care and mental healthcare patients that provides diagnostic insights about patients before their first appointment and improves patient engagement during care; targeted toward reducing clinician burnout and saving clinical hours.

Yada Pruksachatkun, Co-Founder (Courant ’20) Prathamesh Kulkarni, Co-Founder (Langone ’19)

Categories: Voice, Blockchain



Synspectra is creating an efficient and economic method to produce for chemical distributors.

Steven Lonov, Co-Founder (CAS ’19) Kaavya Ashok, Co-Founder (CAS ’19) Kelly Huang, Co-Founder (Tandon ’20)

Categories: Biotech



Upright is building a biometric shoe sole that monitors and collects early fall risk detection data for older adults with mild cognitive impairment.

Nicole Parada, Co-Founder (College of Global Public Health ’20) Saim Kazmi, Co-Founder (CAS ’19) Meredith Lee, Co-Founder (Steinhardt ’21) Rufei Sheng, Co-Founder (Center of Urban Science and Progress ’19)

Categories: Hardware, Biotech



WiseWallet empowers conscientious consumers with personalized data and content that enables them to understand the environmental and social impact, leadership ethics, and political leanings of the companies they spend with, enabling responsible purchasing decisions.

Russell Lieberman, Co-Founder (Stern ’19) William Brower, Co-Founder (Courant ’20) Elizabeth Holden, Co-Founder (Stern ’19)

Categories: Web App, Mobile App, Fintech



WOKEN is a career exploration platform helping job seekers figure out what job they'll actually like before job search.

Rachel Serwetz, Founder (Stern ’19) Becca Lisoski, Head of Product (’19) Lev Letz, Software Engineer (Courant ’10) Karen Zhou, Intern (Tandon ’22)

Categories: Web App, Artificial Intelligence