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Community Meetings

In a series of new bi-weekly meetups, we're super excited to host events that help InnoVention Society members learn about startups, tech and meet entrepreneurially minded peers. Some events will focus on industry/technology breakdowns while other will feature alumni founders tell their story and answer questions.

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FYER is program we take in ~30 brilliant, entrepreneurship driven first years and help kickstart their entrepreneurship journey by exploring the startup ecosystem, hearing stories of success, failure and everything in between, and learning from NYC’s best founders and investors.

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Coffee Chats

This year, we’re offering any student to grab an informal coffee with our president, TIm Nugmanov. Grab a slot below here if you’re interested in chatting about joining InnoVention Society, startups, tech or just life 🤷🏻‍♀️

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InnoVention Competition is a tech startup challenge where NYU student entrepreneurs from across the globe build a team, prototype products, and pitch commercially viable ventures to solve real-world problems. A unique mix of an accelerator and a competition, the challenge offers 12 student-led ventures workshops, coaching, community, perks, legal services and an opportunity to compete for $50,000 in cash prizes. Applications will open on October 28th.